International Biodiesel Supply Solutions

Targray Biofuels has considerable experience as an ISCC-certified international biodiesel supplier and trader. We leverage our global reach to source high-quality biodiesel fuel and feedstock from major producers. We supply ocean vessels to markets around the world, with cargoes of 5000 MT to 30 000 MT available for delivery. Our in-house hedging, compliance, tax and risk management expertise enables us to create efficient export scenarios for buyers worldwide.

About our Biodiesel Export Capabilities

  • An unparalleled global sourcing network for various biodiesel and feedstock products.
  • Close partnerships with several international biodiesel and feedstock manufacturers.
  • Wholesale procurement programs with guaranteed long-term pricing options for buyers.
  • In-depth knowledge of CP, CFPP and PP by geographical locations and climatic conditions.
  • Biodiesel & feedstock trading with real-time pricing and availability information for customers.
  • A supply chain able to respond to your most urgent fuel and feedstock requirements.
  • Managed network of biofuel terminal tanks in multiple markets.
  • Company-operated biodiesel rail fleet with over 150 railcars.
  • International ocean vessel chartering experience.

About Our Supply Chain

Our supply chain enables us to source biofuels from the lowest-cost producers and efficiently move it to our customers’ locations. Our company-owned rail fleet consists primarily of the industry’s largest and newest 29,000 gallon insulated and coiled rail cars. The fleet is supported by Targray’s network of terminal tanks and trans-loading agreements with operators around the world.

Biodiesel Formulas for Every Market

Working alongside certified producers in several markets, we’re focused on ensuring our biodiesel formulas are properly matched to customer requirements. Our international biodiesel fuel portfolio is optimized to address policies and climates in various parts of the U.S. and Europe.


  • Pure Biodiesel (B99-B100) based on various feedstocks
  • Blended Biodiesel (B5-B20)
  • Various cloud point materials depending on geography and season:
    • Cloud of -3 to +2 C (Virgin Oils)
    • Cloud of 0-2 C (Virgin Soy / Canola / Corn based + Used Vegetable oil)
    • Cloud of 2-4 C (UVO / UCO)
    • Cloud of 4-7 C (UVO / UCO)
    • Cloud of 7+ C (Tallow + UVO)

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