Soybean Oil Feedstock

Soybean oil (SBO) is one of the most commonly used vegetable oil feedstocks for biodiesel production. In the United States, the growth of the biodiesel sector has resulted in a larger share of the domestic soybean oil supply to be consumed as biofuel feedstock. As an ISCC-certified supplier of bio-based diesel fuel and biofuel feedstocks, Targray works with soybean oil suppliers and to create wholesale soybean oil feedstock solutions to meet the needs of customers throughout North America and Europe.
  • International sourcing network of ISCC-certified soybean oil feedstock producers
  • Working relationships with SBO biodiesel suppliers and consumers in Europe and the Americas
  • Wholesale soybean oil procurement programs with flexible pricing options
  • Expertise surrounding compliance and supply chain sustainability
  • Real-time soybean oil pricing and product availability information for customers
  • Turnkey logistics services managed entirely in-house
  • Biodiesel feedstock trading desks in Switzerland, the United States and Canada

Feedstock Industry Partner Associations

ISCC Logo small

International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) is a certification system for sustainability, traceability and GHG emission savings. Its goal is to facilitate and improve the various aspects of sustainability in biomass value chains. Targray first obtained its ISCC certification in 2014, and has been a corporate member of ISCC System since 2019.

American Fats and Oils Association logo

The American Fats and Oils Association (AFOA) is a non-profit organization focused on fostering trade and commerce within the United States and throughout the world for animal, fish, and vegetable fats, oils, and protein. The AFOA works to promote uniformity and certainty in the standards of such products and in the customs and usages of the trade.

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