About Our Biodiesel Terminal in Antwerp, Belgium

Targray’s Antwerp Biodiesel storage and blending facility is strategically positioned at the heart of the EU’s largest petrochemical center, with close proximity to Europe’s fuel customer base via rail, sea, inland waterway, and road transportation networks. Supported by the Biofuels Division’s EU administrative center in Geneva, our Antwerp terminal is focused on providing European blenders with a dependable, competitively-priced supply of biofuel throughout the year.

  • A robust international biofuel sourcing network for various biodiesel products and services.
  • Direct access to biodiesel producers throughout the European Union.
  • Wholesale biodiesel procurement programs with guaranteed long-term pricing options for buyers.
  • Biodiesel trading; real-time pricing and availability information for customers.
  • An ISCC-certified supply chain able to respond to your most urgent fuel requirements.

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Our Geneva-based biodiesel team is focused on helping European fuel blenders meet sustainability targets for two key European Commission directives entering their final year, the Fuel Quality Directive (FQD) and the Renewable Energy Directive (RED). The FQD requires a reduction of the greenhouse gas intensity of transport fuels in the European Union by a minimum of 6%. The RED sets a 20% target for renewable energy and a 10% target for renewable energy in transport. Both directives stipulate that targets must be achieved by the end of 2020.

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Our Geneva-based European biofuels business works with commodity traders, producers, wholesale fuel distributors and transportation firms throughout the EU.

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Our United States biodiesel fuel supply network is continuously expanding to meet distributor and retailer demand along major transportation corridors.

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