What is E10 Ethanol?

E10 Ethanol is a low-concentration biofuel blend consisting of 10 percent ethanol and 90 percent gasoline. The blend has been classified by the EPA as being substantially similar to gasoline, meaning it is legal for use in any gasoline-powered motor vehicle. E10 was first commercialized following amendments to the Clean Air Act in 1990 that mandating the sale of low-carbon fuels in areas suffering from unhealthy levels of carbon monoxide. Today, E10 is sold throughout the United States. In fact, over 95 percent of gasoline sold in the United States contains up to 10 percent Ethanol. In addition to boosting octane, this helps meet local air quality conditions and satisfy the conditions of the renewable fuel standard (RFS2).


E10 Ethanol Supply Chain in the U.S.

Today’s U.S fuel supply chain is has been configured to handle E10 Ethanol fuel. Refinery operations, terminal blending, retail station configuration and automobile design have all evolved to accommodate this fuel blend. The point at which ethanol blending, as mandated by the RFS2, exceeds 10 percent is referred to as the blend wall.

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