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Targray Biofuels is one of the largest dedicated biodiesel suppliers and clean fuel companies in North America. Supported by a fleet of rail cars and tank assets in multiple US states, the Biofuels division is focused on creating market-driven solutions that intelligently address the growing demand for bio-based fuel in America. As a BQ-9000 certified Biodiesel Marketer, we offer a constant and reliable supply of B99 biodiesel to fleet operators, fuel retailers, petroleum distributors, jobbers & biodiesel traders across the United States.

Biodiesel Supplier

Certified as a BQ-9000 Marketer, Targray Biofuels is one of the largest and fastest-growing Biodiesel suppliers in America.

About Our Biofuel

Our unparalleled biodiesel sourcing network enables us to create innovative, value-driven clean fuel solutions for RFS2 obligated parties.

RIN Credits & Trading

Our RIN credit strategies enhance profitability & growth for c-store chains, fuel retailers, truck stops, and fleet operators across America.

Biodiesel Locator

Looking to purchase Biodiesel, renewable diesel or ethanol for your organization? Use our Biodiesel locator to find the delivery or pick-up location nearest to you. Our Biofuel varieties include Biodiesel, hydro-treated Renewable Diesel, low CI fuels for the California carbon market, and numerous cloud point materials depending on geography and season.

Los Angeles Biodiesel Stations

For questions about our Biodiesel stations in Vernon and South Gate, California, near downtown Los Angeles, please contact us.

South Gate Biodiesel Station

4570 Ardine Street, South Gate, California 90280

Vernon Biodiesel Station

3650 E26th Street, Vernon, CA 90280

Westwego Biodiesel Station

For questions about our Biodiesel station in Westwego, Louisiana near the city of New Orleans, please contact us.

660 LaBauve Drive, Westwego, LA 70094
Tel: +1(514) 695-8095

Port Manatee Biodiesel Station

For questions about our Biodiesel station in Port Manatee, Florida, near the city of Tampa, please contact us.


804 North Dock Street
Palmetto, FL 34221
Tel: +1(514) 695-8095

Tampa Biodiesel Station

For questions about our Biodiesel station in Tampa, Florida, please contact us.

504 North 19th St., Tampa, FL 33605
Tel: +1(514) 695-8095

Bakersfield Biodiesel Station

For questions about our Biodiesel station in Bakersfield, please contact us.

1134 Manor St. Bakersfield CA 93308-3553
Tel: +1(514) 695-8095

Fowler Biodiesel Station

For questions about our Biodiesel stations in Fresno, California, please contact us.

8000 E Manning Ave, Fowler CA 93625
Tel: +1(514) 695-8095

Stockton Biodiesel Station

For questions about our Biodiesel station in Stockton, California, near San Francisco, please contact us.

2219 Port Rd # A, Stockton CA 95203
Tel: +1(514) 695-8095

Argo Summit Biodiesel Station

For questions about our Biodiesel station in Argo Summit, Illinois, near Chicago, please contact us.

8500 West 68th Street, Argo, IL 60501
Tel: +1(514) 695-8095

Covington Biodiesel Station

For questions about our Biodiesel station in Covington, Kentucky, near Cincinnati, Ohio, please contact us.

700 River Road, Covington, KY 41017
Tel: +1(514) 695-8095

Targray Biofuels Locations

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Our global reach enables us to bring producers and customers together for their renewable fuels requirements – ensuring a consistent and reliable supply, always delivered on time. Our biodiesel sourcing network is supported by a company-operated rail fleet that supplies biodiesel from BQ-9000 producers across the United States and Canada. As a fully-registered member of the EPA, CARB, ISCC and NBB, we understand the complexities of the biofuels market and use that knowledge and our experience to serve you better.

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About Our Biofuels Business

Benefiting from nearly 30 years of experience in supply chain management, logistics and global procurement, we are ideally positioned to help our partners trade biodiesel, and committed to becoming the most trusted biodiesel company in America. Our North American biofuel sales network is supported by numerous fuel storage locations and a dedicated fleet of company-owned rail cars. These assets, combined with our deep understanding of the biofuel market’s complexities, have helped us become one of largest and fastest-growing biodiesel suppliers in the US & Canada.

How We Support Biofuel Producers & Distributors

Targray’s Biofuel company is fully registered with the EPA, CARB, ISCC, and NBB. Our biodiesel fuel products, services and resources encompass the following:

  • A large number of Biodiesel companies under supply agreement in North America, including BQ-9000 producers.
  • An unparalleled global biofuel sourcing network.
  • A supply chain able to respond to your most urgent fuel requirements.
  • A company-owned and operated rail car fleet.
  • Material supplied to specific, customer-driven specifications.
  • Competitively priced Biodiesel.