B100 Biodiesel

100% Bio-based Fuel Used for Blending with Petroleum Based Diesel

B100 (100% biodiesel) is an EPA-registered fuel and fuel additive designed as a blendstock for use in blending with petroleum diesel. Biodiesel has been shown to reduce the emissions of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and particulate when used alone or as a blend (B5, B20). It carries excellent lubricity and is typically low in sulfur content, helping retailers and distributors meet fuel compliance requirements in the European Union and the United States.

About our B100 Marketing and Supply Capabilities

  • An unparalleled global sourcing network for various biodiesel products and services.
  • Direct access to biodiesel producers in the Americas, Europe and Asia.
  • Bulk B100 biodiesel procurement programs with guaranteed long-term pricing options for buyers.
  • Real-time biodiesel pricing and availability information for customers.
  • Managed network of terminal tanks in multiple markets across the U.S., Canada and EU.
  • Company-operated biodiesel rail fleet with over 150 railcars.
  • International ocean vessel chartering experience.

Working alongside certified biodiesel producers in several regions, Targray is fully committed to ensuring that our wholesale biodiesel products meet the highest industry quality standards. Our biodiesel formulas are optimized according to regional policies and climates. They can also be adapted to meet specific customer feedstock requirements. Our portfolio includes:


  • Pure Biodiesel (B99-B100) based on various feedstocks
  • Blended Biodiesel (B5-B20)
  • Additized Biodiesel for the California Market (See CATANOX)
  • Various cloud point materials depending on geography and season:
    • Cloud of -3 to +2 C (Virgin Oils)
    • Cloud of 0-2 C (Virgin Soy / Canola / Corn based + Used Vegetable oil)
    • Cloud of 2-4 C (UVO / UCO)
    • Cloud of 4-7 C (UVO / UCO)
    • Cloud of 7+ C (Tallow + UVO)

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