What is B99 Biodiesel?

B99 Biodiesel is a high-level biodiesel blend consisting of up to 99.9 percent biodiesel and 0.1 percent petroleum diesel. B99 and other high-level biodiesel blends (B100) are less common than B20 and lower blends due to a lack of regulatory incentives and pricing. B100 can be used in some engines built since 1994 with biodiesel-compatible material for certain parts, such as hoses and gaskets. It has a solvent effect, and it can clean a vehicle’s fuel system and release deposits accumulated from petroleum diesel use. The release of these deposits may initially clog filters and require frequent filter replacement in the first few tanks of high-level blends.

When using high-level blends such as B99.9, a number of issues should be considered. High-level biodiesel blends can impact engine warranties, gel in cold temperatures, and may present unique storage issues.

B99 Biodiesel Availability and Use

Given the relatively high cost and performance impact of using high-level biodiesel grades, B99 is not commonly sold by fuel retailers, but rather to fuel retailers – along with national fleets and petroleum companies – for the purpose of creating lower-level blends. (B5, B6-B20) Organizations seeking high-level biodiesel blends tend to work with dedicated biodiesel suppliers on long-term purchase and distribution agreements.

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