Low Level Biofuel Blend: B5 Biodiesel

B5 biodiesel is a low-level biofuel blend consisting of ≤5 percent pure biodiesel and ≥95 percent petroleum diesel fuel. B5 has been approved for use by most diesel automobile and truck manufacturers. In addition, it is legally classified as a diesel fuel, which eliminates any operational or potential warranty concerns. Compared to petroleum diesel, biodiesel is safer, biodegradable, and produces less air pollutants.


B5 Biodiesel Blends in the U.S.

B5 biodiesel is ASTM approved for safe operation in any compression-ignition engine designed to be operated on petroleum diesel. As a result, our B5 fuel is therefore safe to use in light- and heavy-duty diesel cars and trucks, tractors, boats, and generators. B5 biodiesel has been widely distributed in fuel stations throughout the U.S. since the adoption of the Renewable Fuel Standard.

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