Fastest Growing Biodisel Blend: B20 Biodiesel

B20 Biodiesel is a common biofuel blend which consists of up to 20 percent Biodiesel and 80 percent petroleum diesel. B20 presents a good balance of cost, emissions, cold-weather performance and equipment compatibility. Moreover, regulated fleets that use biodiesel blends of ≥20% qualify for credits under the Energy Policy Act of 1992. As a result, B20 fuel has achieved significant popularity among U.S. fuel retailers, distributors and transportation fleet operators.


B20 Biodiesel Availability in the United States

Most biodiesel users purchase B20 or lower blends from their normal fuel distributors. Buyers requiring larger amounts will typically work with a dedicated biodiesel supplier to fulfill their procurement needs.

Offering attractive benefits to retailers and end users alike, B20 has become an increasingly common offering at U.S. fuel stations. As of 2020, the Alternative Fuels Data Center lists over 300 stations offering B20 Biodiesel to the public. The states with the most B20 stations listed are Minnesota and Oregon.

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