Low Level Biofuel Blend: B7 Biodiesel

B7 biodiesel is a low-level biofuel blend consisting of petroleum diesel and up to 7 percent bio-based diesel. Mandated in several jurisdictions including Germany and Malaysia, B7 fuel is one of the most common biodiesel blends outside of North America. Like other fuel blends containing between 6 and 20 percent biodiesel, B7 is covered by the ASTM D7467 specification.

Low-level biodiesel blends, such as B7, are ASTM approved for safe operation in any compression-ignition engine designed to be operated on petroleum diesel. This can include light-duty and heavy-duty diesel cars and trucks, tractors, boats, and electrical generators. Today, low-level biodiesel blends can be found in fueling stations throughout North America and Europe.

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