Integrated Solar Tile for EPCs, Contractors and Installers

Mitrex solar roof tiles are a BIPV technology designed to appear as typical asphalt shingles on residential roofs. They serve the dual purpose of protecting the roof structure while using solar energy to generate electricity. Moreoever, they are easy to install and, like ordinary shingles, are built to withstand the weather elements.

Mitrex solar tile varieties include solar roof shingles, solar laminates, modules with integrated PV cells, and transparent laminates. These technologies are generally produced using crystalline or with thin-film solar cells. For more information, consult the table below or contact a member of our solar team.

Solar Roof Shingles

High performance

  • Superior performance compared to similar BIPV offerings.
  • More electricity generation per square foot compared to conventional solar modules.

Seamless integrated design

  • Serves dual purpose of roof protection and power generation.
  • Excellent aesthetics thanks to a sleek, hidden fastening system.
  • Can be integrated with a multitude of exterior wall structures and designs.

Easy installation

  • Standardized modular design facilitates and streamlines installation process.

product quality certificates

Working closely with our supply partners and organizations including U.S-based SEIA, Targray helps solar manufacturers and project developers worldwide enhance the sustainability of their supply chains. Contact us today to learn more.

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