Polycrystalline Silicon Procurement Solutions for Manufacturers

Raw polycrystalline silicon, commonly referred to as polysilicon, is a high-purity form of silicon which serves as an essential material component in the solar photovoltaic (PV) manufacturing industry. It is the primary feedstock material used for the production of solar cells today. Polysilicon feedstock generally consists of large rods which are broken into chunks or chips of various size, then cast into multicrystalline ingots. The ingot materials are subsequently sliced into silicon wafers suitable for solar cell production.

Working collaboratively with our supply partners and organizations including U.S-based SEIA, we are focused on helping solar manufacturers and project developers worldwide increase the efficiency of their products while minimizing soft costs. Our polysilicon solutions are supported by flexible PV procurement programs designed to help businesses lower soft costs, unlock value and accelerate growth while creating a more resilient solar supply chain.

Raw Polysilicon Grades Available

Our silicon feedstock- derived products come in various formats, each which multiple sizing options available:


  • High-Purity Solar Grade
    • Polycrystalline Silicon Chunks
    • Polycrystalline Silicon Chips
    • Granular Polycrystalline Silicon
  • Secondary-grade polysilicon
    • Silicon powder
    • Silicon carbon ends
    • Discolored silicon
  • Recycled Polysilicon
    • Silicon pot scraps
    • Silicon brick tops & sides
    • Silicon ingot tops & tails
Characteristics Inspection Method Unit Value
Bulk Element Concentration Acceptors (B, AL) LT-FTPL / ASTM 1389 – 00 ppba <2
Donors (P, As, Sb) LT-FTPL / ASTM 1389 – 00 ppba <1
Carbon LT-FTPL / ASTM 1389 – 00 ppma <1
Total Metals (Fe, Cu, Ni, Cr, Zn, Na) NAA ppbw <20
Surface Metal Concentration Fe CP-MS, GF-AAS ppbw <10
Cu ppbw <1
Ni ppbw <1
Cr ppbw <1
Zn ppbw <2
Na ppbw <6

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