PV Encapsulant Material for Solar Module Manufacturing

Targray PV encapsulant material offers comprehensive protection and embedding of the solar cell to ensure a long life for your solar modules. Available exclusively through Targray, this thermoplastic encapsulant material offers a number of advantages when compared to traditional, EVA-based encapsulants, including:

  • Considerably improved damp heat and UV stability.
  • Reduced water absorption and water vapor permeability.
  • Easier & simpler to store; cooling not required.
  • Acetic acid does not form due to hydrolysis. This greatly minimizes the risk of cell corrosion.
  • High transparency and adhesion yields improved solar panel performance and durability.
  • Commercial quantities can be produced in thicknesses between 25 – 460 μm, as per customer requirements.
Targray PV Encapsulant material in a solar cell

Better Encapsulation for a Lower Cost-per-Watt

Ideally suited for encapsulation of c-Si and thin film photovoltaic modules, our encapsulant material offers greater module stability and improved electrical performance than EVA-based films. This in turn can improve the reliability and extend the service life of solar photovoltaic modules.

Compatible with a wide range of module technologies, Targray’s backsheet & encapsulant materials can help photovoltaic manufacturers maximize their cell quality & consistency, while significantly lower their manufacturing cost-per-watt. For additional product information and detailed product specifications, please contact us.

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