High-efficiency Solar Glass Material Solutions

Targray solar pv glass materials for module manufacturers are engineered to enhance the conversion efficiency and power output of solar photovoltaic panels. Our products include tempered, ultra-clear solar glass solutions with anti-reflective coating that diminishes reflectivity and improves light transmission. Our solar glass solutions are supported by flexible wholesale solar supply chain programs designed to help businesses of all sizes lower their material procurement costs, unlock value and accelerate growth.

Patterned Solar PV Glass

Our ultra-clear, patterned solar PV glass products are engineered to maximize the performance of solar cells. Their design helps maximize light transmission while minimizing absorption and reflectivity – characteristics which contribute to improving overall conversion efficiency in solar cells.

  • Glass density: ≈2.5g/cc
  • Solar transmittance (3.2mm): ≥91%
  • Glass iron content: ≤120ppm
  • Poisson’s ratio: ≈0.2
  • Young’s modulus of elasticity: ≈73GPa
  • Tensile strength: ≈42MPa
  • Hemispherical emissivity: ≈0.84
  • Expansion coefficient: 9.03×10m/k
  • Softening point: ≈720℃
  • Annealing point: ≈550℃
  • Strain point: ≈500℃

Tempered Solar Glass with Anti-reflective Coating

Our Solar Glass materials can be coated with a cutting-edge anti-reflective film prior to glass tempering. The anti-reflective coating – developed using an advanced nanoporous silica technology – further reduces reflectivity and improves light transmission to raise the conversion efficiency and power output of PV modules.

  • Approximately 2.54% greater transmittance than uncoated equivalent
  • Diffuses reflectiveness of glass surface, lowering light polution to environment
  • High-temperature tempering ensures film is firmly binded to PV glass
  • Resistance to acid and alkali environment provides additional layer of protection for the cell

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Solar Supply Chain Solutions

As one of the industry’s most trusted solar suppliers, Targray has the expertise and dependability to support the PV module requirements of customers. Working closely with solar industry organizations including the International Solar Energy Society  (ISES), the American Solar Energy Society (ASES), and the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), we are focused on helping EPCs, installers, contractors and solar project developers worldwide with supply chain solutions and trade financing programs designed to generate new value opportunities while supporting growth. For more information about our PV modules and supply solutions, please contact us.