Tabbing Ribbons for Solar Photovoltaics Production

Solar ribbon, also known as PV tabbing ribbon, is a copper conductor installed in photovoltaic solar panels. The ribbon is soldered directly onto silicon crystals to interconnect solar cells in a solar module. It plays an important role in determining cell efficiency, carrying the current generated in the solar cell to the PV bus bar.
Targray’s solar ribbon materials portfolio meets the stringent requirements of commercial PV manufacturers today. Characterized by their excellent uniformity, solderability, and elongation, our solar tabbing ribbons can deliver a yield rate upwards of 98.5%, enabling manufacturers to increase productivity while keeping manufacturing costs low. For a look at our high-performance ribbon options, consult the table below. For other options, please contact the Solar Division.

High-performance Structured PV Ribbons


solar ribbon characteristicsManufactured in Germany using state-of-the-art roll-clad tinning and precision slitting processes, our high-performance PV ribbon options deliver improved module performance, superior surface quality and long-term stability for solar module producers.


  • Structured solar ribbon that reflects incoming sunlight from the connector to the cell
  • Delivers 3% increases in module performance (e.g. 310W instead of 300W), enabling higher selling price
  • Silver-clad connectors enhances electric conductivity, reduces pressure on cell edges vs standard connectors
  • Developed in Germany based on the technology concept of a leading German Research Institute

High-precision Cladded Connectors 


  • Produced via cutting-edge roll-cladding process that delivers uniform tin and silver surfaces
  • No fluxes or additives for surface tinning required; Auto-adhesive surfaces possible
  • Can be produced in a broad range of thicknesses and widths
  • RoHS / REACH compliant materials

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Solar Supply Chain Solutions

Since 2005, Targray solar PV materials and supply chain solutions have played an important part in making solar energy a viable alternative to traditional energy sources. Our solar materials, components and finished products help leading PV manufacturers, solar suppliers, project developers and EPCs worldwide lower the cost-per-watt their energy solutions can deliver to end users. 

The Solar Division is committed to providing differentiated value to partners through ongoing product and process innovation. Our interdisciplinary team works jointly with partners on enhancing product features, earning new customers, lowering lead times, unlocking inventory dollars, improving cash flow and managing global supply risk.