Solar Tracking System Supply Solutions

solar trackers Solar trackers are an important tool for maximizing electricity production in Solar PV systems. By optimizing the orientation of solar panels throughout the day, they help narrow the angle of incidence, which in turn enables more energy to be captured. Typically used for ground-mounted solar arrays, solar tracking systems have become a mainstay in the increasingly competitive utility-scale and commercial/industrial segments of the global solar market. Generally speaking, a solar panel system with single-axis solar tracking installed will see a performance gain of 25% to 35%. Dual-axis solar trackers can add an additional 5% to 10%.


Targray wholesale solar tracking solutions are supported by procurement, supply chain financing and inventory management programs designed to help mid-sized and large solar PV businesses unlock value and enhance their bottom lines through process improvements and working capital optimization. For more information on how we can support your solar tracking system procurement requirements, contact the Solar Division.

Single-axis Trackers: HSAT, HTSAT, VSAT and TSAT

Single-axis trackers move panels along a single axis of movement and are most commonly aligned along a true North meridian. Several implementations of single-axis trackers exist. The most common among these are:


  • Horizontal single-axis trackers (HSAT)
  • Horizontal single-axis trackers with tilted modules (HTSAT)
  • Vertical single-axis trackers (VSAT)
  • Tilted single-axis trackers (TSAT)
  • Polar-aligned single axis trackers (PSAT)

Dual-axis Solar Trackers

Dual-axis solar trackers have two degrees of freedom that act as axes of rotation: The fixed (primary) axis and the reference (secondary) axis. Dual-axis solar tracking systems are designed to maximize solar energy collection throughout the year,  tracking seasonal variations in the height of the sun in addition to normal daily motion.

Working closely with our supply partners and organizations including U.S-based SEIA, Targray helps solar manufacturers and project developers worldwide enhance the sustainability of their supply chains. Contact us today to learn more.

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