Multi Solar Cells for PV Module Manufacturers

Trusted by PV manufacturers worldwide, our high-efficiency multicrystalline solar cells are engineered to meet the evolving requirements of the solar photovoltaics industry. Built using the best-in-class raw materials and subject to strict quality control, our multicrystalline PV cells deliver the following benefits:

  • High Cell-To-Module ratio through precise cell conversion efficiency sorting.
  • Classified efficiency grade by both minimum power and current.
  • Excellent electrical long-term stability and reliability.
  • Low breakage rate by using high-quality, stable wafers.
  • 100% screened for reverse current and shunt resistance.
  • Easy to solder thanks to high quality conductive materials and regular monitor soldering properties.

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Multicrystalline Solar Cell

Multi c-Si Solar Cell Quality Standards

Our portfolio of multicrystalline solar cells has been certified and subjected to strict quality and compliance testing.

  • Regular calibration of test equipment using Fraunhofer ISE reference cell.
  • Environmentally friendly; Compliant with REACH-SVHC and RoHS standards.
  • Professional on-site service and support for module certification.
  • Regular light source AAA class calibration for stable conversion efficiency.
  • Lowest LID by periodic monitoring and superior wafer incoming control.
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Benefiting from 25 years of expertise in the areas of lithography, deposition, printing, and engineered films, Targray provides the preferred channel to market for some of the the world’s leading solar PV manufacturers. Our long-standing partnerships with photovoltaic industry scientists, engineers and technicians help us to continuously improve our portfolio of solar cell and solar PV module materials. Contact us today to discover how our photovoltaic solar cell materials can help your solar PV business flourish.

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