High-performance Aluminum Frame for Solar Manufacturing

Aluminum solar panel frames

Targray’s portfolio of aluminum solar panel frames is a trusted source for PV module manufacturers seeking superior mold sophistication at a competitive price. Produced in a state-of-the-art production facility, the solar frames we supply are molded and assembled using high-precision tools (<0.02mm variance) to ensure reliable performance and a lengthy product lifespan.


Solar Frame General Specifications

ProductAluminum Solar Panel Frame
Material gradeAluminum Alloy  6063
Frame dimensions1665 x 1002 | 1956 x 992 | 1979 x 1002 | 2008 x 1002 | Custom
Standard section sizes35 x 35 | 40 x 35 | Custom
Surface treatmentPolishing; Anodizing; Sanding; Powder coating; Vacuum plating; Silver plating, etc.
Manufacturing StepsCNC, drilling, milling, cutting, stamping, welding, assembly
ApplicationSolar panels (modules)

Solar Frame Procurement Solutions

The Targray Solar Division is committed to helping PV manufacturers worldwide reduce their overall Cost/Wt. Our solar frame products are supported by flexible solar procurement solutions (financing, logistics, inventory management) designed to help businesses of all sizes lower their material procurement costs, unlock value and accelerate growth. For additional details, or for information about our custom wafers, please contact us.

Working closely with our supply partners and organizations including U.S-based SEIA, Targray helps solar manufacturers and project developers worldwide enhance the sustainability of their supply chains. Contact us today to learn more.

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