Passivated Emitter Rear Contact Cells

Mono PERC solar cells have paved the way for significantly increased efficiency over standard monocrystalline cells. Central to PERC (Passivated Emitter Rear Contact) technology is the combination of rear wafer surface passivation and local rear contacts, a process which delivers significant efficiency-enhancing benefits, particularly at the PV system level.


  • <Exceptional performance under low-light and high temperature conditions.
  • Higher energy density per square foot than conventional monocrystalline cells.
  • Increased light absorption, as unabsorbed light is reflected back to the solar cell.
  • Greater internal reflectivity; Reduction of electron recombination.
Mono PERC solar cell
Mono PERC vs Monocrystalline

Mono vs Mono PERC Structures

The standard monocrystalline cell presents a uniform back surface field (BSF), whereas the mono PERC solar cells presents local BSF atop passivation and SINx capping layers, which significantly improves the capture of light and electrons.

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