Silicon Anode Powders for Battery Manufacturers

Silicon anode materials have shown great potential as drop-in additives to increase the efficiency and energy storage capacity of lithium-ion batteries. Until recently, their principal drawback has been surface oxide passivation, a process which increases impedance and reduces cyclability in the anode. Our high purity silicon anode materials achieve high specific capacity without significant affecting cycle lifetime. This is made possible through an innovative nano particle manufacturing process that protects the silicon from oxide passivation.

Silicon Anode Battery Formulations

Available in powder and granular form, our surface passivated Si anode powders are dispersible in battery solvents while preventing agglomeration. They are engineered to slurry seamlessly with other battery materials and produce homogeneous, stable coatings. As a result, they are suitable for a range of applications including in li-ion batteries, photovoltaics, semiconductors and electronics.

Silicon Anode Key Features

  • Homogeneity | The si anode materials we supply are highly homogeneous with a low particle size deviation. This facilitates incorporation into the slurry, which in turn accelerates processing times.
  • Purity | Our powder is manufactured to deliver the highest achievable purity levels, with low O2 and metal content.
  • Consistency | A laser pyrolysis based manufacturing process ensures batch consistency, both in terms of chemical composition and particle size distribution.
  • Customization | We develop custom powder formulas to meet the size, surface, and coating requirements of commercial manufacturers.

About our Si Nano Materials

Our partners uses the flexible, reliable and secure laser pyrolysis process to produce “on demand” highest quality silicon-based nanopowders in industrial quantities. 

Our partners nanopowders present the following characteristics:

  • Highest particle size homogeneity
  • Highest purity (low O2 & metallic traces content)
  • Full reproducibility
  • Customisable products


Production Capacity

Our Partners guarantees a strong delivery capacity for our customers:

  • Production capacity of 40T/year
  • Copy exact certified since 2015 by our customers
  • ISO 9001 & 14001 certificates
  • Safe by design and no contact strategy

About our Si Micro Materials

Our partners offers finely ground silicon powder with different chemical compositions for the production of the anode of Li-ion Batteries. Our silicon offers and outstanding performance due to the control of the chemical impurities content and its electrical properties.

Sizes could be adapted to the different needs. Typical size is 0-4 micron with D50 between 1 to 2 microns.

Chemical Composition

Silicon Micro Materials Chemical Composition

Working alongside organizations including Electrochemical Society and NAATBatt, we’re focused on helping battery manufacturers commercialize ambitious new energy storage technologies.

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