Al Laminate Rolls for Li-ion Battery Manufacturing

Targray’s portfolio of aluminum laminated film materials is a trusted source for lithium-ion pouch cell manufacturers, battery developers and R&D labs around the world. Our multi-layer Al laminate rolls can be custom-produced to meet the specific requirements of each commercial customer.

Our flexible aluminum laminate materials have been serving lithium-ion cell manufacturers for over a decade. In recent years, the product line has evolved to support the growing demand for pouch cell battery designs in energy storage and EV applications.

aluminum laminate pouch material for lithium-ion batteries

Aluminum Laminate Pouch  |  Product Summary

Designed specifically for use in lithium-ion batteries, our high-performance aluminum laminate composite pouch material meets the strict safety requirements of EV and energy storage battery developers, while also offering the advantages associated with pouch-based designs.

Laminate Strength

Our film’s robust adhesive bonding improves sealing strength at high temperatures. It features excellent heat-resistant and electrolyte-resistant adhesive material, delivering the high seal strength required to support the higher internal pressure of batteries in high temperature settings.

Laminate Strength

Adhesive layers

Our aluminum pouch material is laminated via a dry lamination method using a unique adhesive. Its adhesive layers provide better electrical insulation than similar product offerings. This helps improve product reliability during the battery cell assembly process.

Adhesive Layers


Owing to the unique composition of its laminate materials, our aluminum roll achieves offers better moldability than other dry laminate films on the market today. This enables manufacturers to increase the number of electrode layers in their lithium-ion pouch cells, which in turn increases energy density.


Working closely with our supply partners and organizations including the Electrochemical Society and NAATBatt International, we help lithium-ion battery manufacturers worldwide commercialize ambitious new technologies for the battery market.

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