Targray Battery Lab Equipment

Targray Battery Lab Equipment is supplied to lithium-ion battery developers for the production of various energy storage technologies. Our catalog offers customized high efficient automation equipment that delivers a lower total cost of ownership. It includes R&D machinery for li-ion coating, cell assembly and battery pack assembly.

Solutions for lead acid, thin-film and flow batteries are also available.

Make Informed Business Decisions With Targray

From initial concept to after-sales service including on-site support via design, manufacturing and installation, Targray helps guide energy storage technology manufacturers and developers through the necessary planning steps to ensure that their battery R&D equipment meets their organization’s exact needs.

Whether you are seeking equipment for a pilot line, or merely wish to substitute a single piece of equipment, our battery engineers lend their full support to help achieve your project objectives.

Battery R&D Equipment List

We have equipment available for a wide variety of battery technologies including Li-ion, Thin film, Li-Polymer, Lead Acid, Flow Batteries and Superconductors. Our Battery R&D equipment for coating, cell assembly and battery pack assembly lines covers processes including:

  • Material handling
  • Roll-to-sheet processing
  • Battery testing and quality control
  • High speed pick and place systems
  • Battery welding
  • Tracking and tracing and MES
  • System integration
  • Coatings
  • Logistics

Related Battery Materials

cathode active materials
Cathode Material

Cathode materials for li ion battery manufacturing. Products include binders, foils, and cathode active materials (NMC, NCA, LMO, LCO).

lipf6 battery electrolyte
Electrolyte Solutions

High performance battery electrolyte solutions. Produced with LiPF6 salt and a high phosphorous content flame retardant, DMMP.

battery foils
Copper Foil

An anode foil portfolio of copper current collectors including Electrodeposited (ED), rolled annealed (RA) and roll-clad Cu foils.

dry cells
Dry Cells

Dry cells for battery manufacturers, start-ups and R&D labs. Offered in NCA, LCO, NMC, and LNMO cathode chemistries.