Targray Battery Lab Equipment

Targray Battery Lab Equipment is supplied to lithium-ion battery developers for the production of various energy storage technologies. Our catalog offers customized high efficient automation equipment that delivers a lower total cost of ownership. It includes R&D machinery for li-ion coating, cell assembly and battery pack assembly.

Solutions for lead acid, thin-film and flow batteries are also available.

Make Informed Business Decisions With Targray

From initial concept to after-sales service including on-site support via design, manufacturing and installation, Targray helps guide energy storage technology manufacturers and developers through the necessary planning steps to ensure that their battery R&D equipment meets their organization’s exact needs.

Whether you are seeking equipment for a pilot line, or merely wish to substitute a single piece of equipment, our battery engineers lend their full support to help achieve your project objectives.

Battery R&D Equipment List

We have equipment available for a wide variety of battery technologies including Li-ion, Thin film, Li-Polymer, Lead Acid, Flow Batteries and Superconductors. Our Battery R&D equipment for coating, cell assembly and battery pack assembly lines covers processes including:

  • Material handling
  • Roll-to-sheet processing
  • Battery testing and quality control
  • High speed pick and place systems
  • Battery welding
  • Tracking and tracing and MES
  • System integration
  • Coatings
  • Logistics

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