Graphene Powder for Li-ion Batteries

Graphene powders have the potential to play an increasingly important role in today’s lithium-ion battery manufacturing industry. Graphene can enhance conventional battery electrode performance, leading to batteries that are lighter, more durable, lower-cost, faster-charging and better suited for high-capacity energy storage.

Introducing graphene into battery electrodes enables researchers and manufacturers to capitalize on the material’s exceptionally high conductivity.  Higher conductivity can result in faster charge/discharge rates, higher power, improved charge transfer kinetics, and longer-lasting cycle life.

Enhanced Electrode Slurry Formulations

Our high-performance powdered graphene materials are produced using an innovative process that eliminates the use of acids and oxides.  The process is economical and easily scaled to industrial sized applications.  Our graphene can be produced from ultra-pure graphite (>99.995%) eliminating any concerns over potential contaminants.  

Unlike other popular conductivity promoters, graphene adds conductivity without significantly reducing the active component in the electrode.

Graphene Powder Performance Characteristics

A summary of the composition and performance characteristics of our enhanced graphene materials is provided below:

  • Average Number of Graphene Layers: 1 – 5

  • Particle Size: 0.06μm – 5μm

  • > 93% Carbon composition.

  • 55% Graphene by area.

  • Offered in suspension or powder form.

  • Available in commercial quantities.

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