High-performance Electrodeposited Nickel Foil

Battery-grade Nickel Foil Material

Targray markets a line of annealed, electrodeposited nickel foil materials engineered to meet the requirements of lithium-ion battery manufacturers. Offered in a wide of sizes ranging from 4-40μm, our ED Nickel foil is used in a variety of rechargeable battery applications including cellphones, laptops and retail electronics, as well as higher-level applications such as supercapacitors.

Chemical Composition (%)
Ni Fe Cu Pb Mn C
99.9< 0.02> 0.05> 0.0015> 0.002> 0.02>
Accounting for over 90% of the electric conductivity and ∼90% of the mechanical strength of the electrode in lithium-ion batteries and capacitors, current collectors such as aluminum foil play an important role in determining the overall performance and cost-efficiency of a lithium-ion cell.

Anode & cathode foil in LiB

Working with supply partners and organizations including the Electrochemical Society and NAATBatt International, Targray is committed to helping manufacturers and researchers worldwide commercialize ambitious new energy storage technologies.

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