Cylindrical Cell Manufacturing Equipment and Guide

To learn more about the Cylindrical Cell Manufacturing process, click the steps listed below.

Step 1: Electrode Sheet Preparation
  • Use furnace to sinter raw cathode active material and anode active material.
  • Use milling machine to mill materials into smaller-sized particles.
  • Mix active, conductive and binder material into paste under vacuum using mixer.
  • Use a coater to coat paste onto current collector to create electrode.
  • Use a heater to dry the newly-created electrodes.
  • Use the rolling press (calendar) to roll the electrode to required thickness.
Step 2: Li-ion Cell Assembly

Winding Method

  • Use Slitting Machine to slice electrode sheet into strips.
  • Weld current collector and tab together using Ultrasonic Welding Machine.
  • Use Winding Machine to wind strips of Anode, Separator and Cathode into cell core.
  • Use Short-Circuit Detector to test the cell’s integrity.
  • Dry the cell using a vacuum oven.
Step 3: Formation & Sealing of Battery Case
  • Use Deep Spot Welding Machine to weld one tab from the cell to the bottom of the closing end inside cylinder case.
  • After inserting the cell core, use Grooving Machine to groove cell case and fix location of battery core for later sealing.
  • Use Welding Machine to weld the other tab from the cell to the cap.
  • Fill the case with electrolyte in vacuum/globe box using Electrolyte Filling System.
  • Insert & align the cap to open end of case and seal the opening using Sealing Machine inside glove box.
  • Using Battery Analyzer, charge and discharge the assembled battery to activate the cell.
  • Wrap the case with heat-shrinkable PVC for isolation of positive & negative terminals.
Step 4: Battery Testing
  • Test the newly-created battery’s performance using a Battery Analyzer.
  • Use an Impedance Tester to measure the battery’s internal resistance.
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