Battery-Grade Foils for LiB Cell Manufacturers

Serving as the bridge between external electronics and internal lithium-ion transports, current collectors account or over 90% of the electric conductivity and ∼90% of the mechanical strength of the electrode in lithium-ion batteries (LiB). As such, selecting the right anode and cathode battery foil materials is critical to battery developers seeking to maximize the performance of their cells.

Supported by a global network of foil manufacturing partners, Targray is a leading North American supplier of battery-grade foil materials for lithium-ion based energy storage technologies. Our advanced rolling and alloy manufacturing processes allow us to deliver uniformly thick, high-strength aluminum (cathode) foil and copper (anode) foil materials to Li-ion cell manufacturers worldwide.

Aluminum Foil for Li-ion Battery Cathodes

Aluminum foil must be produced using optimal aluminum alloys in order to meet the performance requirements of Lithium-ion batteries. Targray supplies high-performance, high-quality lithium-ion battery foils for applications such as automotive (EV) and consumer electronics, from alloys carefully chosen for those specific demands.

Our aluminum foil product line is the result of many years of battery material research and development integrated with upstream processes. Our Al foils are produced utilizing superior aluminum alloys developed specifically for the lithium-ion battery market, with rolling technologies capable of manufacturing foil rolls ranging from 0.01-0.03mm in thickness.

Copper Foil for Lithium-ion Battery Anodes

Available in a wide range of thicknesses starting at 4μm, Targray electrodeposited (ED) copper foils are produced via a cutting edge manufacturing process that delivers exceptional tensile strength and high elongation, which in turn minimizes the occurrence of foil deformation, fracturing and wrinkling. Our company also supplies rolled annealed (RA) foils, as well as a line of roll-clad foils that combines highly conductive copper with materials including tin, aluminum and silver. The resulting composite delivers unique benefits including reduced weight and enhanced conductivity.

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Drawing on a robust network of institutional partners that includes Argonne National Lab and the Electrochemical Society, we are committed to delivering innovative li-ion battery materials, chemicals, and equipment solutions to meet the commercial needs of clients. Our intimate understanding of the energy storage industry supply chain enables us to create value for our customers and partners around the world. For more information, please contact us at 1-888-695-8095 or click below.