Conductive Carbon Materials for Battery Manufacturers

The growth in applications for lithium-ion batteries, notably automotive and energy storage, is spurring demand for higher performance LiB cells capable of delivering both higher capacity retention and greater power than ever before – without compromising on end-product safety.

Developed with these growing requirements in mind, our conductive carbon black anode powder solutions have been engineered to deliver superior conductivity in the cathode, which in turn yields a number of performance and cost benefits for lithium-ion battery manufacturers. For more information, consult the table below or contact the Battery Division.

CC200 Conductive Carbon Black Anode Powder


Product SummaryDesigned specifically for the lithium-ion battery market, CC200 conductive carbon black powder provides excellent power and energy density, alongside good stability and a longer cycle life compared to similar products. It can be added to both positive and negative electrodes in loadings of up to 10%, depending on the application requirements. Characterized by its high conductivity and stability, CC200 is an excellent anode powder solution for applications demanding superior performance.
Key Benefits-Higher solids loadings, lower quantity requirements, higher packing density, improved electrolyte distribution and transportation.
BET nitrogen surface area125-175 m²/g
Oil adsorption value152-172 ml/100g
Iron content<10 ppm
Total Co, Cr, Cu, Mn, Ni content<5 ppm
ApplicationsHybrid EV, Tablets, Smartphones, Power tools

CCHP Conductive Carbon Black Anode Powder


Product SummaryCCHP is a high-purity conductive carbon black powder engineered to provide good stability and long cycle life. Its excellent conductivity enables mechanically strong and flexible electrodes, which make it a highly suitable anode material for applications demanding high energy density and long cycling.
Key BenefitsExcellent electrode conductivity at low loading, improved energy density, increased rate capability, reduced NMP usage, extended battery cycle life.

Formula-specific advantage: Increased performance in nickel-rich NMC and NCA Cathodes.

BET nitrogen surface area80-120 m²/g
Oil adsorption value200-280 ml/100g
Iron content<10 ppm
Total Co, Cr, Cu, Mn, Ni content<5 ppm
ApplicationsFully electric vehicles, hybrid EV, high-end electronics and power tools.
Working closely with our supply partners and organizations including the Electrochemical Society and NAATBatt International, we help battery manufacturers and researchers worldwide commercialize ambitious new technologies for the market.

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